«be yourself, you don't mind as you look at the other people»
I am my own hero.
~just someone with dreams.~
How it'll go down with Cora:
Regina: mother? :,)
Cora: Regina my dear daughter I've missed you.
Regina: mother why didn't you tell me I had a sister?
Cora: ah yes. Zelena. I've been watching from above. You must destroy her Regina.
Regina: we know. She's up to some curse. No doubt it'll be bad.
Cora: curse? Curse? I don't care about some stupid curse.
Regina: then why do you want her destroyed?
Cora: *looks tearfully at Emma and Killian*
Cora: *whispers* she's messing with my OTP.


Captain Swan + Full Body Shots


Tallahassee home, is it near a beach?
 You’re looking for it, the sea, and him, the pirate. 


This woman, who broke your heart…
          Do you still l o v e her?

I’m tired of living in the past.

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make me choose: AK2 or japril [asked by justin-chambers]

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